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The Dynamic Presentation System, which consists of DPS/Base and DPS/Satellite, is being written in the C# language with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 as the primary IDE. In addition, the installation system uses the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. Finally, the Eclipse IDE is being used both as an interface with the SourceForge CVS and for code development where access to VS.NET is not possible or reasonable.

Implementation Notes

This project makes very heavy use of the .NET Framework and the .NET Compact Framework. The framework, provided by Microsoft, allows for a more rapid development pace while remaining fast and reliable. This is a very important factor in the implementation phase of DPS as the team has a window that is approximately 2 months wide, which began after the completion of the planning phase. Future versions of DPS may not rely so heavily on the .NET framework, but for now it is necessary, and the team finds it a valuable tool.

Originally, DPS was intended to be a standalone application not requiring Microsoft PowerPoint in order to function. Due to time constraints, this is currently only half true. DPS, for the moment, uses Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 in order to allow the loading of presentation slides. Hopefully this will be changed in future generations of the application.

A Note about SourceForge CVS and Code Stored There

The source code for every part of DPS can be obtained through SourceForge's CVS pserver. The public server generally lags behind updates by a few hours, but (most of the time) code that is there is buildable and usable. A warning must still be made that our code on CVS is undergoing frequent significant changes. Many times, this code will be in a debug state which will change some of the conditions of how DPS operates and make things appear to work when they really do not. After the first somewhat stable beta has been distributed, the CVS will be managed a bit better so that code obtained from it will work as much like the way we think it should as possible, and keep half-written updates off of CVS until they are fixed.

If you are feeling brave and wish to access the DPS source code from CVS, please visit the Get DPS section for instructions and information about exactly what is there.

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